Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been out and missing my creative time!

Today I traded out my office chair in hopes that my back would be better and I think it helped quite a bit!

I created 2 journal pages and the background for a third! It's amazing how time away can just generate new ideas and time to absorb the wonderful techniques of amazing artists. If you havn't had a chance, go take a look at the Winter 2011 issue of Art Journaling.

For my first page, I wanted to address the pain I have been experiencing, it seems like I can't admit that I am in pain and really take the time to cure it! It makes me feel weak in character! So I used some layering technique to write out the pain and then I covered it up with gesso and paints! then "pretttied" it up with bright paper and the cutie girly who seems to be pondering the burdens of life! Oh and Starbucks always makes me feel a little better!

For page 2, I just took some vintage dictionary paper and used a doily to give it some texture - let's see what I decide to journal on that page.

For page 3, I received a thank you card from my SIL and it came with a great quote, "Reach High, for the stars lie hidden in your soul, Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Pamela Vaull Starr

It inspired me to write about a past that I think all SIL's go through together, particularly after 20 years!

Ok I really need to get a group together that will talk me down from buying new pens. As I walked through Target I was doing some regular shopping and happened across a great deal on these Pilot G-2 pens, they are perfect! They write on gesso and dried paint perfectly!

Until tomorrow!

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