Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Calling Pen Collectors Anonymous!!

One of the great things about committing to an art journal is being able to go through your stash and orgainizing and sometimes purging long gone items!!!

As I took a look around my "play room" I looked at my collections of pens and markers and realized that I had them all scattered around! Today I put them all in an old Coca-Cola bottle case - I went through each one and purged all the ones that don't work - and came to the discovery that.....

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to Pens & Markers.

As for my art journal I worked with some watercolor crayons I found and WOW I really loved playing with them - I created some background paper with watercolor paper and I tore some up and then added some metalic paint with my fingers.

I am new to art journaling and I look at my completed pages and think that they need some help - in the past I would have given up - I alway strive for perfection and if it doesn't work out the way I want - I just skip on to the next project. But not this time - I am accepting that practice makes perfect or at least practice makes everything prettier!

Until tomorrow!

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