Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Outlook!

I started this a long time ago thinking that I would have time to dedicate and document my so called life. Many things have changed since then and I am hoping that I begin with a new outlook!

I have joined a 365 journal challenge at Balzer Design and I hope to create art and find my true self during this journey - It may seem big and it is but there is no time like the present!!

So here goes..... Above you will find the cover of my art journal - I was an old journal I bought for a friend and never gave it to her (ooo0ps) and it had Jack on the cover (from the Nightmare before Christmas) I'm not a fan but I decided that I had a book and I could "enhance" it to suit me - I cut out the circle and played around with metal embossing (not so good at it) but its a start.

Here you can see the base of my page - I wanted to work on something inspirational and yet with a sense of humor - I looked through my inspirational quote book and found this one from Alice Walker in "The Color Purple". My handwriting leaves a little to be desired so I came up with cutting up letters I bought from Tumble Fish Studios on Etsy. So then my compuslive orgainizing kicks in and viola I have spent the better part of an evening (ok 4 hours) cutting up and coming up with a good storage solution for 26 little compartments.

So now it's Sunday and I finished what I started!
I wanted to journal on the page, but the quote takes up most of the room so I found little envelope and put my journaling inside!
I will try to post tommorow with my next page or pages....

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