Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Journal Bliss

I have quite a few books on Art Journaling, because I have always admired anyone who can commit to putting their art and thoughts to paper - my entire life I have always wanted to start and finish a diary or journal - but I get easily distracted!!!

So today - I looked through Journal Bliss by Violette! It truly is a great book! lots of color and a section on how to draw faces - another thing I would like to be able to do!

After I finished with my Bohemian Border - I began journaling and I spoke from the heart - not just what I thought others would find "happy". In a time where everyone shares way to much - I DONT want to do that, but I am on a journey and I have to let go of old baggage. I am not sure how to do it - but it's a start!

I find that once I start doodling - I start adding colors - just can't stop!

Also, I love ATC cards and here is this months submissions for the 7 Deadly Sins / Heavently Virtures! I have done a set in the past and I used vintage Pin Up Girls - very easy! So I challenged myself and I am using children - it's hard to to find children who are "sinners"! But I think I am managing just fine!

Until Tomorrow!

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