Monday, January 31, 2011

Spin the Bottle

I have noticed that now that I am journaling and getting more involved in swapping - I have truly been using all the goodies that I have been accumulating. As I started to sort some stuff on Sunday - I realized that all of my embellishments are in three different places - so I started to look around my office and I have determined that I really need a nice chest of drawers that will let me put everything in one place - so now I am on the hunt!

By sorting a drawer I found this cute Spin the Bottle board and I thought what a great way to determine what to joural about!

Todays spin landed on my first kiss - that took me back! I just remember how embarrased I ended up being!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yestday, I wanted to play with a new color and I looed through my assortment of colors and I decided to use Crayola Crayons. As you can guess I was one of those kids that hated when my crayons broke!!! So I bought these great mini twistables, the only downside is they dont have the crayon names on them.

I sat there and wanted to see if I could fill a page with all of the crayons and although I liked the effect - I didn't feel very moved to do anything with it. My usual move is to glue the pages together and start again, but I chose not to this time - I left it to see if I could use it another day.

I was watching Dinner for Schmucks with my hubby last night and they used the famous line sung by John Lennon "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the one." and it struck a chord with me! I just wrote it and doodled a flower and I drew a childish sky, you rememer blue only on the top, and grass, green triangles only on the bottom.

I had fun and in my journaling (quite long, not shown) I really searched through some childlike qualities I wish I still had.

Todays journey reclaimed yesterdays crayola colors! As I looked at it - It brought to mind a magazine page I clipped out with girls at a wild slumber party!

I stamped some words that looked like the girls were experiencing!

Until next time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I did it my way.

As I approached my art journal today, I wanted to PLAY, I didn't want to scour through books, blogs, and websites to look for inspiration. I wanted to find my own!

So today I used my favorite colors, pink and black, and one of my favorite topics, books for my journal.

I like it!!

I also just got news that I made the cut! Joanne at Vintage Dragonfly is hosting a Thinking Spring Tag Book swap and 10 of us will create 10 tags and submit them to the lovely Joanne and she will create a book for each of us! I can't wait to get started, I have a few ideas up my sleeve!

I also had a visitor today, Roxy usually stays outside during the day, but since she just got groomed, she wanted to hang out inside!

Until next time!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok I tried and liked (maybe) the multi-day layering journal page(s).

I sat and looked at my journal and then I went and looked at the progressive pictures and I realized that I needed to "play" a little more with the page and dress it up a bit. I think that I am finished, but ya never know - I may just have to play a bit more:)

Ok I hate to admit it, but one of my pleasures is the show "You're cut off" Seriously these women/girls are just plain out of their ever loving mind! But sure enough I DVR the show and watch it with pure pleasure - I cannot believe that human beings are so incapable of even the simplest day to day tasks!

Until tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday - small additions

It is Monday and as usual, I find myself running around! Not a bad thing the morning was a beautiful day to be out and about.

I am busy trying to create some vintage Valentine's day cards so my desk is a disaster area. I spent a few minutes on my journal and there are little bits of additions. I used some fabric tape that I had stuffed in a drawer and I am really trying to hold back on using all the supplies that I have on my desk!!

Until next time!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I sat down at my desk and looked at my journal and was thinking if I liked/disliked the layering project I had started. The jury is still out.....

I love the effect that journal artist's use for their projects - I just don't like my effect so far.

But as I sat looking at my page from yesterday - I focused on the rub on that I used that says "Be Yourself!" as I added my touches today - I kept that in mind and enjoyed myself. So perhaps I have focused too much on what I love in someones else's technique, and not playing around with what I love in my own!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Journal Day 2

Ok, I got around to working on my journal and I decided that the hearts needed to be balloons and then I stamped my beautiful Art Fairy, and I started to HATE my black and red border, so I paper pieced a new border.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Club

I truly hate missing a day on my journal and on my blog! I end up feeling like I am not following through on my goals...

But perhaps there is a lesson in that.

Yesterday I attended my monthly book club meeting and our book was Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts. It was certainly not a book I would have purchased or chosen to read, but this book was incredible. The book focuses on the women behind the men behind the founding of our nation. The research Cokie did was immense, and the result was a great read. I found it incredible how much women had to do just to survive day to day. Bear children, run the household, entertain quests, feed everyone, make food (literally) and then prepare the food, make cloth, make clothes, educate themselves their children, flee the enemy, help their husbands business, and then when they have a second keep their friends and family informed about the day to day business of life.

I have to say I was extremely disappointed in Benjamin Franklin! Talk about an ass!

So I chose to journal about that.

I decided to follow Julie's (from Balzer Designs - Art Journal Everyday) example and layer my next entry over a period of time. So far this is the basis of what I have...

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been out and missing my creative time!

Today I traded out my office chair in hopes that my back would be better and I think it helped quite a bit!

I created 2 journal pages and the background for a third! It's amazing how time away can just generate new ideas and time to absorb the wonderful techniques of amazing artists. If you havn't had a chance, go take a look at the Winter 2011 issue of Art Journaling.

For my first page, I wanted to address the pain I have been experiencing, it seems like I can't admit that I am in pain and really take the time to cure it! It makes me feel weak in character! So I used some layering technique to write out the pain and then I covered it up with gesso and paints! then "pretttied" it up with bright paper and the cutie girly who seems to be pondering the burdens of life! Oh and Starbucks always makes me feel a little better!

For page 2, I just took some vintage dictionary paper and used a doily to give it some texture - let's see what I decide to journal on that page.

For page 3, I received a thank you card from my SIL and it came with a great quote, "Reach High, for the stars lie hidden in your soul, Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Pamela Vaull Starr

It inspired me to write about a past that I think all SIL's go through together, particularly after 20 years!

Ok I really need to get a group together that will talk me down from buying new pens. As I walked through Target I was doing some regular shopping and happened across a great deal on these Pilot G-2 pens, they are perfect! They write on gesso and dried paint perfectly!

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prayer is like that.....

Today has been a wonderful lazy day...

As I searched for inspiration - I looked through my favorite quotes - I hand write them into an inspiration notebook that I keep on my desk. I found this one and it absolutely speaks the truth on so many levels.

Prayer is like that she whispered, sometimes it can take days... months... years... and then sometimes when I am really quiet, I can see, hear, and feel the answer all at the same time.

As I played with gesso and acrylic paints - I added some baby blue and sage ink pad (just rubbed it along the top of the page) and added a feather. It is not in my nature to leave soemthing too simple - but I need to try new things, right?

Have a great day!! Until tomorrow

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Singin' the blues

My back is out!! I have had a bad back for 20 years - and every now and then it just decides to act up!

I challenged myself to do my journal page and I just pulled a couple of markers from my bin (blue and black) and wanted to see where the minimal tools would take me! It is a challenge to be away from a fully stocked area and just play! I used yesterdays circle (I used copic so they bled through) I liked them so I just spruced them up a bit!

I also was opening the mail and I received some hair ties I ordered and they came with the cool little silver chain and I thought hmmmm.... I can definitely use that -I went through my chipboard - used some scrap paper and printed up a quote that definetly summed up today!!

I plan on being better tomorrow! At least that is how I will feel after a good glass of red wine!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going in Circles

Yay!! It's Friday! I typically spend my Fridays out and about and today was not an exception - I ran errands and got quite a bit accomplished!

I stopped by Barnes and Noble because I REALLY wanted to get the Carla Sonheim book, Drawing Lab, they had it in stock and they couldn't find it :( But on the upside I did get the new Art Journaling magazine by Somerset Studio! Can't wait to sit and absorb some great new ideas.

As for today's page - I started with circles and I noticed that circles seem to be an artistic theme in my journal - I love dot's and circles - apparently I subconciously like them too! I wonder if that has any significance?

Well until tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I didn't want to do it!

I really didn't want to create today - My back hurts and I just couldn't think of sitting at my desk and try to find inspiration.

But I started looking through the wonderful Blogs on the 365 Journal Challenge and I was beaten into creation! The creativity is truly amazing! I can't wait until my pages look half as good as theirs do! If you get a chance Blog Hop - you will not be disappointed.

I couldn't sit at the desk so I just brought out a paperpad I had that hadn't found a use yet and I started cutting up pieces and then went from there!

Life is nice! It is so easy to forget that - I have worked since I was 13 - and then worked my butt off in that process - I am adjusting to a slower pace and I will admit its not easy - but life is nice.....

I started this page and I want to add to it, so far I have
Morning Hugs
Hot Showers (love those)
Longs Walks (something I havn't been able to enjoy until now)
Roxy Wake Up Kisses (Our standard poodles version of an alarm clock)
Book Club Meetings (I know it's dorky, but I love the challenge of talking about
a book I would never have read!)
Zilla (She is the most happy)
Decalf Espresso (no explaination needed)
B-Cute (Our old dog that we are fostering - for 7 years now :) )
A Good Audio Book Series (Like Charlaine Harris - all of them and Kim Harrison)

Well for someone who didn't want to do this - I feel so much better about doing it - but my back still hurts :(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Journal Bliss

I have quite a few books on Art Journaling, because I have always admired anyone who can commit to putting their art and thoughts to paper - my entire life I have always wanted to start and finish a diary or journal - but I get easily distracted!!!

So today - I looked through Journal Bliss by Violette! It truly is a great book! lots of color and a section on how to draw faces - another thing I would like to be able to do!

After I finished with my Bohemian Border - I began journaling and I spoke from the heart - not just what I thought others would find "happy". In a time where everyone shares way to much - I DONT want to do that, but I am on a journey and I have to let go of old baggage. I am not sure how to do it - but it's a start!

I find that once I start doodling - I start adding colors - just can't stop!

Also, I love ATC cards and here is this months submissions for the 7 Deadly Sins / Heavently Virtures! I have done a set in the past and I used vintage Pin Up Girls - very easy! So I challenged myself and I am using children - it's hard to to find children who are "sinners"! But I think I am managing just fine!

Until Tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once in a Lifetime...

Today is 1-11-11, it truly is once in a lifetime, I woke up today and decided that it was going to be a wonderful day, sometimes the first decision is the most important one.

I wanted to do something extraordinary for my art journal today and I spent sometime on the computer doing research on all the different ways to say ONE in different languages, and I was already to fill a page with different ones. I went to the paint drawer and grabbed some pretty paints, I spilled the first color, then I had to spill the second, third, fourth....closed the book and WOW! No numbers for me today! I love the look and I created it with little thought and it truly is once in a lifetime!

With my extra time I took pictures of Zilla, the most happy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes you just need a Pretty Dress!

Happy Monday!

Todays inspiration comes from one of my favorite stamps.

I usually create in the same pallate - pinks ands blacks, lots of browns - the more muted the better. With this 365 journal a day - I am trying to wander into other colors and lately - I am trying to wander into yellow and oranges - I don't even like orange - but it is beginning to appeal to me.

I used some new watercolors by Yasutomo. They are simply beautiful - the colors are pearly and have a great glow. I love the blue I used, its almost the color of the sky.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's Sunday and I just want to veg and not think too hard.

So here is today's page, I just looked through my scrap box and decided that it would be a great centerpiece and viola 20 minutes later I have a simple yet dramatic art page!


Have a great day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today has been a great day! My Mother in Law stopped by unexpectedly and we took her to lunch - a Five Brothers just opened and the fries are my favorite!

So as I started to journal - I wanted to try something I hadn't, but admire so much in others artwork - taking a face from a magazine and making something different. I actually liked trying it and I will definitely be playing with magazines again soon!

Have a fantastic day! May you find everything inspirational!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Inspiration - where do you find it?

After running around all day, I saved some time to create and I sat at my desk and thought, where do I start?

Quite some time ago, I found a beautiful silver bowl at an antique shop and I didn't want to leave it in the dining room to be brought out just a special occasions - I decided to put it right next to my desk and I fill it with little odds and ends that I can't part with - or with things I can't put away.

As I looked through my bowl I found this pretty little girl and I love the expression on her face!! I feel like that sometimes! Ok alot of the time!! I bought her on Etsy from PaperWhimsey.

If you get a chance browse through some awesome creativity at Balzer Designs I am sure that you won't be disappointed!

See ya tomorrow! Hope you find your inspiration!