Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is a Rollercoaster

Both hubby and I have been sick with the flu - I sleep well and then get up and go to the gym and run my errands and then come home for a quick nap - it seems to give me the energy to do what needs to get done and not let the flu get me down.

Poor hubby doesn't have that luxury - he works all day and then crashes at around 7 pm - so tonight I decided to work on my journal and I didn't want to sit around and play with all my supplies - I grabbed a cup of markers and sat there staring at the empty page for 45 minutes before coming up with an idea.

I think it sums up my day - Life is a rollercoaster - today I just want to throw up! I learned two things from this - I really don't like my handwriting and I just played around with markers and my black pen. I think I just need to play and practice until I like what I see! Also - I always put a positive spin on everything and today I didn't - it's ok.

Until next time!

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