Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dogs are driving me crazy!!!!

It is below freezing in EP and everyone is going crazy! I know that the in the rest of the country/world - cold weather isn't really a big deal, but here in Texas it is huge! The dogs can't be left outside during the day - so they are in with me and they are fighting (just playing around) playing tag, taking their toys out and stewing them all over the house, begging, the list goes on and on.

Well enough about that - today I worked on charms for Roni's charm swap at Ink Stains and they are ready to go!

As for the bottle today it asked what "What is the Stupidest thing you have ever done?" Seriously - I do something studpid every day!! I think the winner is when I went to work with different shoes (I am color blind) not just different colors though, different heels and everything I was walking with a limp and I am not even the one who noticed!! Wonderful!

Until next time!

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